South Floridians Head to Cuba As Obama Makes Historic Trip

President Obama's visit to Cuba is just around the corner and as he prepares for his historic trip many in South Florida are also traveling to the island.

NBC 6 caught up with some travelers at Miami International Airport coincidentally flying to the island around the same time, and they gave their thoughts on this landmark presidential visit.

Yanai Santiesteban said it's incredible to see the president of the United States going to Cuba.

Abel Eduardo Rondon lived in Cuba for 28 years and now he's going to visit family but he says he thinks President Obama's visit is positive. Rondon says he would welcome any change even if it's minimal.

While some do criticize the POTUS visit, many are hoping it signals a new beginning in the steps to continue normalizing relations between the two countries.

Maria Santiesteban said the presidential visit makes her happy and she wants to see if things get better. She said she wishes that this trip will bring changes and more communication between these two nations.

On Sunday, Obama will be the first U.S. president to visit the Communist nation in nearly 90 years. He will speak to a Cuban audience in Havana, which will be broadcast nationwide on Cuba TV.

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