Owner Arrested for Tying Dog in Wire, Tossing in Water

Boca Raton Police responded to reports of animal abuse Monday after witnesses said they saw a woman hurting her dog.

Officers responded to Silver Palm Park, where witnesses said a woman tied a dog in wire and threw it into the Intracoastal and then left.

Witnesses said they heard the dog whimpering for help and saw it struggling to stay afloat. They immediately helped rescue the dog and called 911. 

When they were able to reach the dog, the witnesses said it had speaker wire tightly wrapped several times around its neck with an end piece tied to its back leg.

Police said the dog, named Jellybean, spent part of the day with their dispatchers, resting and recovering, before being picked up by animal control.

The dog's owner, Eva Klein, has been arrested and charged with felony cruelty to animals. It's unknown whether she has an attorney.

Photo Credit: Boca Raton Police