Kevin Spacey Appearance Anticipated at Panthers Game

The Florida Panthers are expected to have "House of Cards" star Kevin Spacey join them for Saturday's game against the Detroit Red Wings.

Spacey has been a part of Florida's season from afar and has previously acknowledged the team. Now, it appears that the actor will join the team on their home ice at BB&T Center. While the Panthers are keeping plans under wraps, it is likely Spacey will participate in the pre-game puck dropping ceremony.

Spacey has done little to hide the impending visit as he posted on a video on Twitter with a very clear reference to the Panthers.

The Panthers have a tradition this year involving a blue sweatshirt. On the front is a picture of Spacey in space. The player of the game each day gets to don the "Spacey in Space" sweatshirt. When news of this started to spread, Spacey commented on it back in December. This is when the actor and the team first officially connected.

Since then, Spacey has appeared on NBC's Today show where he held up the famed sweatshirt. The phenomenon has taken on a life of its own much like Spacey's current hit series. The actor has been vocal in his support of the team and appears to be enjoying the connection.

"I've become their sort-of good luck charm and I'm pleased they've been doing incredibly well,'' Spacey said during his Today show appearance. "I am a Spacey in space and I'm very excited for them, I'm glad they're doing very well.''

While Spacey's character spends time on-screen trying to stack up political victories, the Panthers are hard at work trying to secure the Atlantic Division title. Saturday night's game is scheduled to begin at 7:00 p.m.

Photo Credit: Getty Images for Turner