Abdeslam’s Arrest Could Provide Information About ISIS

The arrest of suspected Paris terror attack plotter Salah Abdeslam could provide U.S. counter-terrorism officials with insight into the inner workings of terror group ISIS.

Officials believe the 26-year-old Islamist extremist has knowledge of how ISIS functionsm — and that knowledge could help them thwart other terror attacks, NBC News reported.

"His interrogation can also help us understand how ISIS directs and coordinates its attacks on the West," Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA_ said.

Among other things, experts say authorities will also want to learn how Abdeslam avoided capture for so long and whether the Nov. 13 attacks were planned in Syria or Iraq or somewhere in Europe.

Abdeslam was arrested in a suburb of Molenbeek in Belgium on Friday.  

Photo Credit: AP

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